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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Full-Face Makeup Tutorial For Beginners


How do i get a perfect makeup? Makeup application can be complicated, it can also be fun when you get to know it better.

Makeup application is a form of art, the only difference is that it isn’t on paper.

Today, I’ll be giving you makeup tips for a perfect look. I never knew that makeup could be as easy as this, especially when you have the right materials.

These are the steps to follow and the materials needed for your full- face makeup.


First, you’ll make sure your face is clean, then moisturize and apply your primer. Primer makes your makeup last longer.

Eye brow pencil

I love starting my makeup with my brows, you can choose to to do it after applying your foundation. If you don’t know how to fill your brows you can check out our brows tutorial on steps to drawing a perfect eye brow.


The next step is for you to apply your foundation and use your beauty blender or your foundation brush and dab your foundation unto your face, do not rub your foundation.

Before using your beauty blender dampen it with setting spray.

Eye shadow palette

It is now time for you to have fun with different colors, for your eye shadow application check our tutorial on steps on how to apply eye shadow for beginners. After applying your eye shadow, don’t forget to apply your eyeliner and your mascara.


After applying your foundation, use your concealer to your fore head, under your eyes in a triangular form, chin and the center bridge of your nose. Then blend with your beauty blender.

Setting Powder

Apply your setting powder to the part of your face you highlighted with concealer, i.e your fore head,chin, center bridge of your nose, under your eyes and leave it on for some time before blending with your brush.


Apply your contour along the sides of your forehead to create balance between the upper and lower half of your face, below your cheekbones, starting from your ears to the middle of your cheeks, by the side of the bridge of your nose. after applying you blend it out.

After all these you can now add your bronzer on your bones and also your blush from the ear down to the cheek bones, you can also apply your blush on your cheek.

Lip stick/gloss

Do not forget to apply your lipstick/gloss.

Finally, you can add your setting or finishing spray so that your makeup can last long.