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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ideas on Having a Date in your House


 Many a times when you hear the word “date”, you associate it with outdoor activities, right? Well I want to tell you that you can also have a date in your house.

Yes, it’s okay to have dates outside your home, because you get to see people and you go to places you’ve never been to, but have you thought about having a date, just you and bae in the confines of your house?

Most people might think it’s a boring idea to have a date in their houses, but I’ll give you some tips you can use to make your home date fun.

Here are a few…

Partying:  you can turn on your music player and enjoy your music, dance, sing along.

 Play Video Games:  enjoy yourselves by playing video game together as long as it’s not FiFA, make sure it’s something your girl enjoys playing.

Enjoy yourselves in the Kitchen: try whipping up something new together and make sure you are having fun while you’re at it.

Board Games:  board games are usually fun. You can play board games like scrabble, monopoly, chess, etc.

Watch a Movie: sitting together cuddled up, watching your favorite movie is a pleasant way of spending romantic moments with your partner.

Enjoy Every Moment: when you are with your boo/bae make sure you enjoy every moment with each other.

Note that you can use these tips for date nights or dates in the day time.