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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Men’s Fashion: Rules to Follow


I realized that in the past weeks I’ve focused more on the ladies, but in this article I’ve decided to focus on the gents.

Let me say that a guy with good fashion sense is my to-go guy… When you have a good fashion sense, you never fail to impress and you’ll become more attractive to ladies. In summary, dressing well gives you a long list of powerful benefits.

There are some basic fashion rules and tips you need to follow as a man to bring your fashion A- game to the table and I’ve put them together just for you.

Here are a few…

Your Belt, Shoes and Watch should Match

When you are putting on your outfit, make sure your belt, shoes and wrist watch match. For example you are putting on a brown shoe, your belt and wrist watch should be brown in color.

Spend Money on Shoes

Buy quality shoes, you can opt for classy shoes like, round toes, loafers, Derby, Brogues, and so on…

Round Toes




Put on Clothes that Fit your Body Size

You don’t look good when your clothes don’t fit. When you put on big clothes, you look less muscular and sometimes bigger than you are. When you put on small clothes it makes you uncomfortable.

Always Wear a Watch

This is a basic rule, every man should put on a wrist watch. Wrist watches always improves style. In the same way you invest in shoes, i implore you to invest in watches.

Wear your Colors with Pride

Guys are free to use their colors be it on casual or formal wears. Take a green suit for example combined with a black trouser and white shirt, it goes so well. Take a chance with colors.

Wear your Trousers in the Right Place

Every pair of clothing is made to be worn at a certain point on your body. Your trouser is meant to be worn on your waist and not below your waist, except of course you are a prepubescent teenager.

Make sure your clothes are Clean and Ironed

Do not for any reason put on a dirty or wrinkled shirt or trouser, it makes you look unprofessional and lazy. Also don’t forget to put on your cufflinks.

Remember, dress in the way you want to be addressed.