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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why you Need Flyers for your Fashion Business


Fashion business is one of the lit businesses we have in Nigeria today. Looking at where we are today, fashion is taking over… Its not all about having a fashion business its about how you move it forward.

I’ll be telling you how to use flyers to promote your fashion business. Flyers are usually single paged leaflets used by individuals to promote their businesses, it is one out of many marketing tools. They can be in customized sizes, but the traditional size of flyers is A5.

Here are some features that should be on your flyer.

Your flyers should contain your Logo, your unique designs, directions, contact info (this should include your phone number, Facebook address, Instagram address, Website) also make sure you have a catchy head line.

Promote your fashion business with a flyer that makes a statement.

Your flyer should also describe your creativity and style, also add some of your works on your flyers.

Remember that your flyers serves as a promotional plan for your fashion business.

If you have ever printed or distributed flyers and have seen positive outcome of the distribution you wouldn’t think of the cost of printing flyers especially when you give it to a professional printing company(Lexoft Media Limited).

Lexoft Media Limited is a printing company in Lagos, Nigeria, that prints and design quality flyers. The images of the flyers can in this article can testify to that. you can order your flyers from them, you can do this online with just one click.